About Me

I am currently a grauduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology, completing a Masters of Science in Computer Science. I am also employed by the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab (General Robotics Automation Sensing & Perception), performing research with Dr. Kostas Daniilidis. My current projects, Style Disentanglement and Human Pose, are in collaboration with art historian William Schmenner and the Frick Collection. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelors of Science in Statistics, completed at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2019.

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On This Website

  1. Resume: My professional resume detailing my education, internships, and work experience.
  2. Experience: A thorough breakdown of my research, internship, and work experience.
  3. Skills: A thorough breakdown of my skills and how I obtained them.
  4. Publications: A list and descriptions of academic publications I have authored.
  5. Projects: Descriptions and links to projects I have completed for personal, educational, or professional use.
  6. Portfolio: My personal portfolio of various creative work, including UI, graphic design, and fine arts.